In limitless fantasy, what is the value of a simple thing? A mysterious green man launches himself into a quest. Within minutes he's attacked by an army of crabs led by none other than KING KRAB.

Science-fiction/fantasy story following in the footsteps of the great masters of psychedelic sci-fi of the 70s.

The book is available right here in high definition in the CBZ and PDF format. Also available in French here.

Interview on Fanbase Press.

A printed version is now available and contains 2 more chapters and a bunch of goodies.

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Buy issue No.1:


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Supermane (v.o.a)*

Every year, millions of mayflies invade the shores of Montréal. Unfortunately, they are very short lived and only survive about 24hrs.

This mayfly not only survived 24 hrs, but is basically immortal. He henceforth was known has Supermane.

2000; 20 pages; Philosophie/action; *En anglais seulement; N&B.


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